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Tuscany according to us.

Tuscany is in the heart of Italy, the ideal starting point for excursions throughout Italy, but at the same time the ideal placefor a relaxing and human-sized holiday.
The activities we offer are interactive and educational, ranging from a tasting of wine or wild boar meat, to a walk in a charming village in the Tuscan countryside, all in a fun and memorable way.

Guided tour rates 2022

The visits take place in the following languages: Italian, Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Japanese.
Other languages on request.

HALF DAY (3 hours in Siena, 2 in the province): € 130 up to 25 pax + € 2 extra pax
FULL DAY (6 hours in Siena and in the province): € 260 up to 25 pax + € 4.00 extra pax

Small groups up to 6 pax
HALF DAY (max 3 hours): € 145.00
FULL DAY (max 3 + 3 hours): € 290.00

Each extra hour € 40 regardless of the number of pax

Special rates

Tuscany is a huge treasure trove of art and culture which offers thousand and more possibilities of visits so it is difficult to propose a list of itineraries, what we propose below are proposals created based on our experience

A) School groups (max 2 hours) Flat rate € 135, regardless of the number of participants
B) For visits starting after 2pm and ending by 5pm, the rate applied will never exceed € 125 regardless of the number of participants as long as the duration does not exceed 2 hours.
C) Visit to museums or churches lasting max 1 hour (after 5.00 pm) € 55 per group, regardless of the number of participants
D) For visits to Siena ending by 11.00 am in Piazza del Campo (max 2h) € 110 regardless of the number of pax.


Whispers rental
The rates for earphone rental are as follows:
€ 2.20 per person for HALF DAY groups
€ 4.10 per person for FULL DAY groups
In case of loss and / or damage there is a penalty of € 70 + VAT per device
For deliveries outside the citry centres extra € 25 for group for delivery costs.

Booking Museums

We can make reservations for any entrances to museums and monuments. For this service we require advance payment, and a fee of € 15

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